We often get asked by our retailers exactly what services we offer, and whilst most know us as a distributor of bicycles and accessories, many don’t realise that our service extends way beyond this.

The core of the business is the exploration of the cycling market; We seek out opportunities and work hard to bring products to market at the right specification, and price for consumers. For the most part our ideas result in products that join one of our leading bike brands, but that’s not always the case.

For those wanting a quick snippet of what we offer, here’s a few of the areas we can help:

  • Branding – We offer a comprehensive bike branding service, from name, to logo to decals.
  • Design – Our in-house bike designers can work with you to develop the right look for your new range.
  • Market – We explore the bicycle market, and can help pick the right combination of specification, price point and selling mediums to help your products succeed.
  • Sourcing – When it comes to sourcing a bicycle or sporting product, our team has it sorted. We can put together the right combination of component suppliers and production factories to ensure a stable, robust end product.

Some of our customer base wants a bespoke service, and we can work with them to develop either their own range, or a one-off / exclusive model for one of our existing product ranges. The extent of our involvement depends on the customer, but we are able to do everything from the initial branding for the range, through to design, specification, sourcing and ultimately the importing of products themselves. Our team is multi-faceted, and our expertise crosses boundaries, therefore, If a customer has a particular price point, style, or idea in mind, we can create a unique product, positioned to perform superbly, and marketed to perfection.