The event, running from Sunday the 6th – Weds the 9th, sees companies and brands from across the world showcasing their bicycle products, from eBike batteries to bike reflectors and lights. the Pennine Sports team have spent the week meeting with suppliers and sourcing new innovative products to bring to market.

A hot topic at the show was the new Chinese/Eu anti dumping legislation which is potentially set to be introduced soon. The scheme sees a large dumping duty added on to the price of eBikes imported from China in a bid to reduce the market being flooded with Chinese imports. Our experience from the show has indicated lots of uncertainty, with some manufacturers bury their head in the sand and others already establishing European assembly sites.

One of the key takeaways from the show this year is still the public sharing bike phenomenon, which is very popular on the Asian continent, and increasingly so in Europe and the UK. We’ve solidified our sharing bike connections at this show in anticipation for more UK demand for these bike lines.

It’s been a successful show for us and we have been able to finalise the remaining elements of our upcoming retail brand EZE; Sourcing the necessary aftermarket products to help build this exciting uk eBike brand.

We’d like to extend our sincere thanks to the suppliers who were so welcoming to our team, offering their hospitality and support for our upcoming product ranges. And finally to the organisers of China Cycle for putting on what has been another great event.