Our range of electric brands has now arrived and are available to buy through https://ezego.bike or via one of our wonderful nationwide retailers https://ezego.bike/where-to-buy

The EZEGO E-Bike brand has been designed with commuters and leisure cyclists in mind, and tested in and around the hilly terrain that our West Yorkshire base has to offer. The 2019 EZEGO range has something for everyone, and introduces 4 models ranging from £999 to £1,099,including the powerful folding electric bike – Fold, comfortable low step through – Step NX, and two stylish commuter models  – Commute EX.

The EZEGO bike brand has “been positioned within the UK market at a highly competitive price point, without sacrificing on style and quality. All components are carefully sourced, before being assembled at our Taiwanese production facility under the watchful eye of our E-Bike expert.